What do the Numbers Mean?

Everything we know and understand and see in our world is purely vibrational. This is true for our languages as well. Chaldean numerology uses numbers 1-8. They leave out the 9, as it is considered the number for God. If a sum comes up with a 9 it is used in this way, but it is not used as a base number. Numbers are very curious and have many amazing attributes. Why do you suppose that is? Could it be that the universe and all things in it have intelligent design behind it all? We believe this is true. Therefore, if everything is vibration, wouldn’t it stand to reason that if there are 2 things vibrating at the same number, they must have some commonality? Once you start exploring this possibility, you will find it to be true. There isn’t an easier and better way to explore than with the EON App. You are able to use the EON app to write out your own question and see the number it adds up to, and once you have the number, you can see what other things correlate to that number. This is a large data base that enables you to see correlations for every number the English language creates. 

Let's Talk Numbers

The numbers after the first digit modify the 1st digit’s attributes. The 2nd digit represents the desire, the urge of creation and what it was created to do. The last digit represents its physical manifestation, how it shows up in the world. 

Numbers 1 to 9

First number 1. Have you ever thought about 1 being a zero with the ends unattached? In the zero, circle, we have infinity. The zero represents wholeness, and it represents infinity. The 1 represents a starting place and the finite. We became separated from the oneness. There was a break in the oneness. The one always starts at the top and goes straight down. Heaven to earth. We still have the beautiful possibility of connecting with the Divine. One in numbers represents a self starter. In order for the 1 to become more it has to be added on to – to go forward. One is the vibration of free will, individual pursuit innovation and daring. It is the original spark of creation. And it represents courage and enthusiasm. One follows its primary impulse, becoming a natural leader. A one resists taking the beaten path and instead follows its instinct to create new experiences. In positive alignment a one animates energy, stays in motion, and is always creating something new. It guides to break through into new territory by its very nature. Here are the oils that vibrate at a 1 topically. If we add the modality or method of use, there are many more that fit in the 1 category. For the sake of brevity, we will only list the oils that are ones if used topically.

128: Highest Potential, Basil, Eucalyptus globulus, 137: Light the Fire, Juniper, Cool Azul, Deep Relief 146: Bergamot
164: Mister, Raven, Ginger, Pine, Thyme, Myrtle 173: Present Time, cumin

182: Manuka, Valor

The numbers after the 1 do modify the 1’s attributes. Let’s keep going and as you see the explanations for the other numbers, you will see how the actions of each oil is represented. This is how the numbers that follow the one, modifies the number. The 2nd digit represents the desire, the urge of creation and what it was created to do. The last digit represents its physical manifestation, how it shows up in the world. Let’s take a look at the first one and then you can do the rest of them by referring to the attributes of each number.

128: Highest Potential. Gary created this blend to help people reach their highest potential. I love that this oil has the 1 vibration, as it fits it so well. Its creation urge is then is to cooperate with what is. Read about the number 2 for more clarification. And the 8 is the boss, it is infinity, it is power, so you can see how Highest Potential as 128 is exactly what its name states and as such it is able to help us manifest our potential in the physical world. The other oils with this number would also have this potential. If you do not have Highest Potential you could use Basil, or even Eucalyptus Globulus. Basil is a powerful oil; I have heard that if you feel you are losing your sense of smell – as a lot of older folks have happen to them – if you  then begin smelling Basil everyday many times a day it has the potential to renew your sense of smell. There is a lot about each of the oils that has yet to be discovered. Do not let your prejudices about what the oil is known for stop you from trying it for something else, especially if it comes up in the app.

2 is the number of balance, peace, and unity. It is the union of opposites. It takes 2. Let us partner up. All these meanings apply. Two carries ancient wisdom and a sense of mysticism and secrets and has wonderful artistic gifts. It takes certain gifting to blend personalities and lives. This is what marriage and partnership do. Number Two is connected to imagination and dreams. It speaks of connection and communication with others. One way to remember the symbolism of the 2 is to see it as a person bowing to the left in the direction of the number 1. This innate desire to merge with another, join with them, and create peace is an integral part of the number two. You can see this in nature, how one oil or plant will synergistically work with another.

When you think of the 2 think of balance, but there are also the attributes of romance, warmth, kindness, and understanding which makes a 2 welcome in any situation. Twos are naturally responsible, conscientious, and efficient. Twos are usually humble and in cooperation with others. Twos move forward and then will course correct and then might head right, left and even backward before lunging forward again, often with great force. This makes me think of our blend of Thieves which is number 229. Read about the 9 and you will see how the vibration of 2 fits so well with Thieves and also the 9. Since Thieves is so powerful, I was surprised it was not an 8 but it is very fitting that it is a 229. Who doesn’t love Thieves? This is wonderful blended oil, in very perfect balance.

Now you can go add the other numbers that always show up in every word we have in the English language that shows it’s number, it’s creation urge, and its manifestation in the world. Here are the 2’s and you can put them together with their other numbers to see what you might want.

211:        Cinnamon Bark, Celebration, Kidscents Tummygize, Dill

229:        Black Pepper, Inspiration, Thieves, 3 Wise Men, Aroma Ease, Vetiver

238:       Eucalyptus Blue, Acceptance

247:        Helichrysum

256:        Eucadorian Oregano

265:        Patchouli

274:        Mastrante, Gathering, Melissa, Awaken, Cistus, Jasmine

283:        Stress Away, Purification, Melrose

292:        no matches available for topical use

The divine mission of three is to express creativity and to be a messenger of joy. Three is designed to inspire through its artistry and communication skills. Feeling positive with natural optimism and enthusiasm is a picture of the attributes of three. It’s inspirational creativity deeply impacts people at the subconscious level. The way I like to remember the 3 is to think of it looking backwards toward the 1 and 2, it’s parent numbers 1+2 =3. Three looks to its origins and communicates that to others. It appreciates it’s roots. Looking toward its past brings joy!

Here are the 3’s:

312:        palmarosa

321:        cedarwood, oregano

339:        Cassia, DreamCatcher

348:       Blue Tansy, Gratitude

357:       Coriander, Brain Power

366:        Sage, Hong Kuai, The Gift

375:       Palo Santo, DiGize

384:        Journey On

393:        Build Your Dream, Hinoki, JuvaCleanse, Forgiveness, Slique Essence

The Four’s divine mission is to build something of value. It is the number of practical manifestations. Fours are natural facilitators and managers. They  know how to get results and delegate to accomplish what is valuable and serves practical purposes. This number is orderly, stable, and secure. We all want a number four when we are feeling insecure. Here are the number four oils in our essential oil world.

413:        Fennel, Goldenrod, Kidscents Owie

422:       Lavender, Ledum

431:       Tangerine, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Gentle Baby

449:       Grapefruit

458:        Kidscents Geneyus, ASroma Ease

467:       Aroma Siez, Lime

476:        Melaleuca QWuinquenervia, Spikenard

485:        Motivation, Angelica, Clary Sage

494:        Marjoram 

Five is the messenger of freedom. If you feel trapped and stagnant, this is the oil number for you. You will feel most happy when you can explore freely, independent of any constraints, and make the most of your experience. The number 5 oils help you do this. The vibration of the 5 is for when you want to explore life fully. This number is helpful for natural networkers and salespersons. If you are passionate about a subject you can sell it to anyone. It helps you feel at ease and you will not feel bored or locked into anything that holds you down. Freedom of movement is key with number 5.

Here ae the number Fives in the oils world:

514:        myrrh, copaiba, citronella

523:        peppermint, Live Your Passion, Exodus Ii

532:        no topical matches

541:        Neroli, Sacred Sandalwood, abundance, orange, panaway

559:        Kidscents sniffle Ease, Kidscents Sleepyize

568:        Aroma Life

577:        Parsley, Sanalwood, SclarEssence

586:        Blue Cypress, Tranquil

595         R.C., GLF

This specific number is all about nurturing. These oils with this number are Healers of love. This number is synergistic with beauty, love, and family wanting to create harmony. It is the number for service, using mentoring, guiding advising, teaching, inspiring, and healing others as a key to unlocking your destination. These are important healing oils. Here are the 6’s in essential oils.

615:        no matches

624:        Clove, Citrus Fresh™, Clarity™, Lemon, Fulfill Your Purpose™, Sacred Mountain™

642:        Caraway, Dorado Azul

651:        Envision

669:        Common Sense

678:        Spearmint, Release

687:        Endoflex, Valerian, Magnify Your Purpose

696:        Rutavala

These oils search through your body for answers and are seekers of  truth. They correspond with your intuition to help you discover secrets and mysteries in science and/or spiritual subjects and help you answer life’s big questions. If you merge your intuitive skills with these oils you will be rewarded with discovery and learning as well as healing.

Here are the number Seven oils:

716         Immupower

725         M Grain, SARA

734         Idaho balsam fir, Hope, Australian Blue

743         Laurus Nobilis, Roman Chamomile, Idaho Blue Spruce

752         White Angelica, Citronella, rosemary, sensation

761         En-R-Gee, Cypress

779:        Inner Child, Surrender, Wintergreen

788:        Petitgrain

797:        Tarragon, Harmony Humility, Lemon Myrtle, One Heart

Eight is the prosperity and power number. These oils promote visionary action for leaders. Eight gives courage, influence, and the ambition to quest for achievement. This number gives you a feeling of trust in the infinite abundance of the universe. It helps you manifest your creative dreams. Using these oils will help you find ways to succeed. They will help you feel like you can achieve anything! This number helps you become your own boss. Its vibration is the boss! Use them consistently to see the results.

817:        Fulfill Your Destiny

826:        no matches

835         Gary’s Light™, Into The Future™, Kunzea, JuvaFlex, Rose, Sacred Angel™

844:        Ravintsara, Ylang/Ylang

853:        Trauma Life™, Longevity™, Breathe again™

862:        Peace & Calming II™, Mountain Savory

871:        Tsuga, Shutran, Tea Tree

889:        no matches

898:        Cardamom, Cilantro, Jade Lemon

The number 9’s vibration prompts you to make this world a better place. It encourages compassionate humanitarianism. This number combines your heart and soul to help you love unconditionally. This is a leader’s number in humanitarian pursuits. The number 9 helps the person using it to become more sensitive, forgiving, creative, intuitive, and healing, enabling you to elevate an transform people in your presence. It is also the number of completion, helping you to let go of the old and finish what you came to do.

918         Australian Kuranya, Xiang Mao,

927         Nutmeg

936         Celery Seed, Frankincense

945         Christmas Spirit™ , Lemongrass, Geranium

954         Dragon Time™, Grounding™, Eucalyptus Radiata

963         Egyptian Gold™, Lady Sclareol™

972         Believe™

981         hyssop, Joy, Transformation™

999         Carrot Seed, Sacred Frankincense