Essence of Numbers

Have you ever wondered how to know what similar things go together? Or how you can translate the information of essential oils to emotional and physical states? Now with Essence of Numbers, you can. This will be an app coming out in July 2020. It’s called EON: Essence of Numbers App. Here is some information you will be able to figure out for  yourself when you have access to the app. 

Chaldean numerology has been in the world for literally centuries. It is a language all its own, very similar to rune-stones or symbols, the Chaldeans use of numbers to convey concepts is rich and detailed. 

Combined with the understanding of homeopathy  “like cures like” we see how numbers can represent things in nature. Lavender a well-known sleep aid and skin assist, translates to 422 in numerology. 4 is the number of structure,  a number that resonates with building something lasting. Two is a number of cooperation and partnership. This combination then is very conducive to relaxation. Because we are all hopefully building something lasting and We want to build a great life while being able to manage our stress, Lavender is a wonderful fit for this dilemma in life. This is why Lavender is loved the world over. 

Within this simple number there are other more complex vibrations. It’s whole string of numbers is: 22-11-11. within this app you calculate the item or condition in your life for which you would like to enlist help and find it’s equivalent in the app. All the calculating is  done for you. there is a large database in the app for you to match the  numbers to.  People can of course do their own calculations in Chaldean numerology, now with this app you will be able to access the huge database available in the app.  You may then line up the numbers you calculate for your life with helpful healing aspects of nature already translated into the language of numbers for you. This saves you hours and hours of time.